Taking on the myth: Western wages have been kept artificially high.

  Wages in developed countries are protected by artificial means. Many hold this view, that the wages in countries such as Australia, The United Kingdom and Canada have been kept artificially high.  Some… Continue reading

Cleaning up your hard drive – Seems off topic but it isn’t.

So, what has cleaning up your hard-drive got to do with “The Free People Agreement”. In this case, it’s about cooperation.  As a species, most of us are cooperative.  We want to do… Continue reading

Capitalism is leaving us behind: Let’s make the most of it.

In this video, Richard D Wolff asserts that capitalism is leaving us behind. I agree and I say we should make the most of it.  It is a great opportunity for us to… Continue reading

Dr. Robert Sapolsky – Hierarchy Is Bad for Your Health

  This is a great video to understand the impact of allowing a few to dominate the herd:  as we do in human society. When we allow people to dominate, they cause stress… Continue reading

Victoria’s Victorian Anti-Protest Laws: Trying to Understand

  This video quickly runs through the changes to the Summary Offences Act 1966 in an attempt to understand what the changes mean. Please comment if you can add to the understanding of… Continue reading

Atrazine: Poisoning Your Grandchildren Before They’re Conceived.

Atrazine sounds like scary stuff.  We don’t really know whether it’s true or not because our science, for the most part, has been subjected to financial bias by private enterprises with conflicts of… Continue reading

Health Care: We Have The Technology

I feel it resonating in every part of my being, 2014 is a year of evolution. Conversations about better ways of doing things will become mainstream once again. We have a lot to… Continue reading

Putting Inspiration to Work: Feeding our Future

What do you think about Tony Abbott’s work for the dole scheme? I know there a lot of people out there who think that if people want money then they should have to… Continue reading

What’s Going On In Tony Abbott’s Head: Part 2 Greathing

What does “greathe” mean? You don’t know because I made it up to emphasise the nature of the survival thinker. That’s what this article will be about. If you missed Part One and… Continue reading

Video: Child-Driven Education

Children learn amazing things when allowed to direct themselves. There are two Ted Talks by Sugata Mitra on this.  I couldn’t decide which I liked better so am linking both. There is a… Continue reading